Health Checklist For Seniors

Health is a vital concern at any age, so making healthy decisions is essential throughout your life. What you do today impacts your future well-being and quality of life. Our pharmacists at Pharmedic Pharmacy always strive to educate others that the sooner you begin working toward wellness, the better. Even if you are a senior, there is always time to start making healthy lifestyle changes.

The issue becomes more serious for seniors because maintaining excellent health allows you to live a better life. Senior citizens, in particular, need to put in some effort to be active and feel good and confident. Your health requirements change as you get older. Keeping up with senior health events is vital, but it can sometimes be overwhelming. Making a health checklist for seniors can help you keep organized and look and feel your best. Our pharmacists will help you do just that during your confidential medication review with us at Pharmedic Pharmacy in Calgary

Our Health Checklist For Seniors

During your confidential medication review with our pharmacists, you will be educated on the necessary information that will ensure you live a long and healthy life even as a senior. Here are three main points in our health checklist for seniors that our pharmacists at Pharmedic Pharmacy can help you with for better healthy aging.


  • Medication Reviews – Our pharmacists strive to show you the importance of medication reviews and so they suggest you talk about all of your medication with them to ensure that you’re not taking anything that could have harmful effects or interfere with your other medicines.


  • Keep Your Medications Organized – You may need to take multiple medications, especially as we age, to address various health concerns that may occur as we age. You must review your medications with your pharmacist frequently and keep your medications organized to prevent any other issues from arising. 



Our pharmacists will also look into other specialized strategies such as medication management, lifestyle changes, and preventive measures that are targeted to your specific health needs. Our aim at Pharmedic Pharmacy is to provide you with the information and support you need to live a lively and active lifestyle throughout your golden years. 

Isn’t it satisfying to cross a few items off your list? For more information on how seniors can maintain their health, visit our website.