Prescribing Pharmacists

Immediate, Personalized Care Without the Wait

Sicknesses don’t often come with advance notice! At Pharmedic Pharmacy, we understand that you may not always have the time to schedule a doctor’s appointment or wait in long lines at walk-in clinics. That’s why we offer the convenience of Prescribing Pharmacists who can provide you with necessary medications without any appointments or wait time.

Benefits of Prescribing Pharmacists


Quick and Convenient Access to Medications

Skip the wait times for a doctor’s appointment and receive your prescriptions directly from our qualified pharmacists.


Expert Medication Management

Our prescribing pharmacists can review your medical history and current medications to provide personalised and safe medication plans.


Comprehensive Health Consultations

Receive detailed consultations about your health concerns, including chronic disease management, minor ailments, and lifestyle advice.


Lab Requisitions

Need blood work? Save your time! Our pharmacists can write you a lab requisition.


Enhanced Continuity of Care

With a prescribing pharmacist, your healthcare journey is seamless, with one point of contact managing your medication needs.

Why Choose Our Prescribing Pharmacists?


Skip appointments and long lines. Walk in and get the care you need, fast.


Our pharmacists are readily available to address your medication concerns.


Benefit from our pharmacists’ in-depth knowledge of medications and interactions.


Get prescriptions and lab requisitions handled in one convenient location.

How It Works

Visit Us

Come to any Pharmedic Pharmacy location—no need for an appointment.


Our certified pharmacist will assess your condition and provide the necessary prescriptions.

Prescription and Lab Requisitions

Get your medication and lab requisitions without the wait.


For medical emergencies, please call 9-1-1 or visit the nearest hospital.


What conditions can a Prescribing Pharmacist treat?

Our Prescribing Pharmacists can address a wide range of common conditions, including allergies, acne, birth control, minor infections, skin conditions, and travel immunizations. For a complete list, visit our website or consult with our pharmacists directly.

Do I need an appointment to see a Prescribing Pharmacist?

No appointment is necessary! Pharmedic Pharmacy offers convenient walk-in consultations with our certified pharmacists.

Can a Prescribing Pharmacist refill my existing prescriptions?

While our pharmacists cannot refill prescriptions written by doctors, they can assess your condition and potentially prescribe the same medication if it falls within their scope of practice.

What if I need a lab test?

We understand the importance of efficient healthcare. Our pharmacists can write you a lab requisition, allowing you to complete any necessary bloodwork without a separate doctor’s visit.

Will my insurance cover a consultation with a Prescribing Pharmacist?

Most major insurances cover consultations with our pharmacists. We recommend contacting your insurance provider directly to confirm coverage details.