Importance of A Medication Review

              Have you ever felt scared when you receive medications and you’re not sure what medicines you’re taking or how they can affect your body? Or perhaps you’re getting tired of remembering to take your pills from dawn to night? Well, Pharmedic Pharmacy will help you out in these situations to ease your frustration. Medication Reviews offer you the perfect solution by giving you the time to discuss these and other issues during medication reviews, including any potential interactions between your prescription medicines, meals, dietary supplements, and other items like alcohol. Medication reviews are thorough, private (one on one) examinations conducted by our pharmacists to discuss the medications you take.

Although many of these medicines help people stay healthy or control the symptoms of conditions like high blood sugar, asthma, etc. they can occasionally result in major concerns like drug interactions as well as other serious incidents, which are particularly harmful. There have been cases where elderly patients are admitted to hospitals every day as a result of severe pharmaceutical side effects.

What Makes Medication Reviews Important? 

A medication review might even help you to better understand and remember his or her medication routine. In order to check for potential medication-related problems such as drug interactions, large doses, and duplicate drugs, our pharmacists will gather patient information.

There are also many other reasons why medication reviews are important to you, a few of them are: 

  • The pharmacist can examine your response to the medications and note it down.
  • The pharmacist will then be able to create updated and better care strategies if there are certain issues. 
  • Assist people in getting the most benefit from their medication.
  • Analyze how well the patient’s meds are working.
  • Analyze the patient’s health status when they are taking medication.
  • Keep a record of the medications you take and your care regimen.
  • Follow the outcomes of a modified care plan.
  • Check to see if the meds are effective or functioning in accordance with the planned treatment outcomes.
  • Our pharmacists will also make sure to prevent an accidental overdose.

Pharmedic Pharmacy is here to perform a medication review to ensure the medications you’re taking are suitable, are the right amount for your age and weight, and won’t conflict with any other prescription or over-the-counter medications you take!


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