Flu Shots: Children, Adults and over 65 Years

Are Flu Shots Recommended for Everyone?

Most adults and children can have the flu shot but people who have had a severe allergic reaction in the past and people who are ill with a high fever should avoid getting it. Getting the flu shot will protect yourself and others around you as well from the main types of flus, it would take roughly 10 – 14 days for it to work though. 

People who are 65 years or older have a senior flu shot which is of two types. There are regular flu shots approved for people over 65 years and they can get any vaccine that is approved for their age group. The two types of senior flu shots are,

  1. High Dose Flu Vaccine – This contains four times the amount of antigen than a regular flu shot contains. This has been approved for people 65 years or older and there have been successful results and fewer cases when they received this flu shot.

  2.  Adjuvanted Flu Vaccine – This is made with MF59 adjuvant and it creates a stronger immune response.

The senior flu shot helps older adults and creates a stronger immune response for their immune system to help their bodies fight the flu virus much more effectively and works better than a regular flu shot would. The side effects are quite similar to that of a regular flu shot. Everyone should get the flu shot every year since it would help in protecting oneself and others from the flu virus and reduce the strain on the medical system as well. Since older people produce fewer antibodies that protect against the vaccine antigens, they require a higher dose than young adults and children. Although, it is recommended that adults and children who are 6 months and older get the flu shot, ideally by the end of October. It can either be a flu shot or a nasal spray flu vaccine.

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