What vaccines do I need to travel?

How do travel vaccines work?

Vaccines vary from conventional prescription medications in two key respects. The first is that rather than treating disease, they are made to prevent it. They achieve this by training the immune system of the patient to recognize a particular pathogen, such as a virus or bacteria, that causes a disease.

Before traveling to specific regions of the world, visitors can receive shots known as travel vaccines or travel immunizations that can help protect them from dangerous diseases. The way vaccines function is by exposing the body to a pathogen or a portion of a germ that causes the sickness they are intended to prevent.

How long do travel vaccines take to work?

Your location, personal health, and planned activities will all influence which vaccinations you need, as well as when you should get them before traveling. The body normally produces defenses to aid in fighting illness within 7–14 days of having a vaccination.

To maintain optimal immunity, some vaccines, like those for rabies or hepatitis B, call for numerous doses spaced out over a number of weeks. While some immunizations provide protection for life, others call for a booster shot several months or years later. Every year, you need to receive a dosage of the flu vaccine.

Do you have to be vaccinated to fly internationally?

On June 20, the Canadian government will no longer demand complete COVID-19 immunization for all incoming and outgoing international travelers. All re-entry restrictions will still continue to apply, and face masks will still be required for every passenger.

Unvaccinated Canadians will now be able to board trains and airplanes bound for both domestic and foreign destinations. However, they will still need to adhere to the current testing and quarantine rules while returning from abroad.

Foreign visitors to Canada will still need to be immunized in order to enter the country, even if they would be permitted to leave if they were not.

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