How To Lower Cholesterol?

How to Reduce My Cholesterol?

Try to eat less fatty food: especially food that includes saturated fat if you want to lower your cholesterol. Unsaturated fat is a more beneficial type of fat that is nevertheless present in some meals. To determine the sort of fat an item contains, read the label. 

It is not only about having a healthy and balanced diet but also about exercising, quitting smoking if you are a smoker and also cutting down on alcohol can help you reduce cholesterol. You can also manage your weight since that would have an effect on your cholesterol levels getting high. Primarily, below is what you can do explained briefly,

  • Healthy eating
  • Weight management
  • Physical activity
  • Managing stress

Maintaining a low cholesterol diet

The food you consume can affect your cholesterol levels since the proteins and nutrients we get from food help our body to be healthy. Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables and pulses is a much healthier source since they are known to be good for your cholesterol and your heart as well. 

You should cut down on foods that are high in sugar since that leads to weight gain and those types of food do not contain many nutrients.

Always keep an eye on the portions that you consume since it is helpful to manage your weight in order to have low cholesterol levels. When eating out as well, always opt for healthy options, since food from cafes or restaurants can be high in fats. 

You can always swap meat-based meals for the vegetarian option since meat contains a lot of fats. Eating proteins such as peas, beans, chicken, and fish is a much better option for you.

Lowering my cholesterol in 30 days

Your chance of having a heart attack, stroke, or other severe cardiovascular events is greatly increased if you have high cholesterol. The easiest way to lower your cholesterol is through a Mediterranean diet since it contains many of the dietary recommendations that you would come across. 

You can increase the amount of exercise that you do, especially if you are not much of an active person. Having a plan as to how you want to exercise is always best. It can be for either five days of the week or even three days; whichever is ideal for you according to your schedule. 

It is important for you to have low cholesterol levels by reducing your weight. It will not be easy but it is recommended since if you are overweight then there is a higher risk of your cholesterol levels being high. You should continue to eat healthily and exercise every day to lose weight.

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