Understanding Meningitis: Types and Causes

What is Meningitis and How Does a Person Get it?

There are different reasons why meningitis can happen in a person. It can be either an injury, certain types of drugs or even cancer can be the reason behind it. Meningitis is where there is a swelling that happens to the protective membranes which cover the spinal cord and the brain itself. This swelling is usually caused by either a viral or bacterial infection. This bacteria can enter through the person’s bloodstream and from there, travel to the brain and then the spinal cord.

The inflammation of the protective membranes would trigger symptoms such as a headache, fever, or even a stiff neck since it is all connected. Anyone can get meningitis but it is typically common for,

● Infants and young children
● Young adults
● Older people
● People who have a weak immune system

Symptoms of Meningitis

The symptoms of Meningitis can get worse quite quickly so it is best to seek medical help immediately once the symptoms have shown. The symptoms of meningitis can be,

● Muscle pain
● Fever plus hands and feet get cold
● Vomiting
● Headache
● Stiff neck
● Trouble keeping concentration
● Seizures
● Sensitivity to light
● Sleepiness or trouble waking
● Cramps in the stomach
● Rash on the skin

Symptoms of meningitis and septicemia can be similar and you must be aware of the symptoms beforehand. Usually, if someone gets a rash then you must not wait until the rash appears since they can get much worse and even more sick after this.

How Fast Does Meningitis Progress?

The symptoms of meningitis often can be different between age groups, so always look out for the symptoms. If you feel either yourself or a loved one is presenting the symptoms then medical attention should be taken immediately.

Symptoms usually appear quite quickly and even progress the same as well. Bacterial meningitis would be the most dangerous since it directly invades the bloodstream and goes to the brain and spinal cord of a person.

Although, all types of meningitis have the risk of causing death or life-altering effects after getting treatment. If you suspect that you have meningitis, do not wait until your symptoms improve. Although some people may think it is ideal, meningitis can advance rather quickly in the body.

Always be on the lookout for the symptoms of meningitis and keep yourself aware of what does not feel right in your body, especially when it comes to the symptoms of meningitis.

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