Transfer Your Prescriptions With Ease

Transfer Your Prescriptions With Ease

It can be tiring to transfer your prescriptions to a new pharmacy, but it doesn’t have to be. Prescription transfers are a common process in pharmacy and medicine that involves transferring a patient’s prescription from one pharmacy to another. Pharmacies will keep a previous record of your personal data in their system, regardless of how long you were a customer of your prior pharmacy. This can contain things like your current address, current and previous medications, contact information for your doctor, and more.

By continuing to get your prescriptions filled at a pharmacy that can suit your needs, you can save time and money by transferring your prescriptions. You must give the new pharmacy the required information, including the medication’s name and dosage, the prescribing physician’s name, and the name and contact information of the existing pharmacy that is holding your prescription, in order to transfer a prescription. 

Reasons To Transfer Prescriptions 

There are many reasons why you or someone might choose to transfer their prescription from one pharmacy to another. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Convenience – a person might choose to transfer their prescription to a pharmacy that is more convenient for them, like a pharmacy that is closer to where they live. 
  • Moving to a new location.
  • Travel – if a person is traveling and needs to refill their prescription while away from home, they may need to transfer their prescription to a pharmacy in the area where they are staying.
  • Preference – some patients may simply prefer one pharmacy over another and may choose to transfer their prescription based on personal preference or familiarity with a particular pharmacist. 

Transferring Prescriptions With Pharmedic Pharmacy 


It can be stressful, but occasionally it is necessary to transfer your medications from a certain pharmacy to another. Fortunately, at Pharmedic Pharmacy, transferring medications is an easy and quick procedure that can assist guarantee that patients continue to receive their prescribed medications without interruption. 

A prescription transfer service at Pharmedic Pharmacy will help efficiently transfer all of your data from the old pharmacy to the new one. In addition to saving you from needing to give your new pharmacy all of the details yourself, this can also assist in lowering the possibility that you won’t get your prescriptions on time. The prescription transfer service is quick without sacrificing effectiveness. Speak with one of our staff at Pharmedic Pharmacy staff to find out about our transfer prescription services. 

For more information, visit our website or get in touch with us. Make your prescription transfers hassle-free today!