The Potential Risks of Neglecting Prescription Refills

The Importance of Prescription Refills

Prescription Refills simply mean that when you run out of your medication or need a refill on your prescription, you can conveniently obtain a new supply or dose from the pharmacy or medical suppliers without consulting your doctor. Refilling the prescription will ensure you have enough medication on hand to reduce the possibility of running out and forgetting to take your required and scheduled dosages. You may keep on track with your medical care by refilling your prescription, and it may help you avoid chronic illnesses and relapses of the disease if you have sound medication adherence. 

Some medications do not require refills since you should obtain a specific dosage to treat the disease or discomfort. When prescribing for you, your doctor will decide whether to add refills and how many you should take.

The Risks of Skipping Medications


  • If you stop taking your prescription, your condition could get worse. For instance, if you’re taking medication for high blood pressure, the dosage you take to treat the disease may function to relax blood vessels, lowering the force of cardiac contraction and keeping the body’s salt and water levels in the ideal range. If you miss any regular dosage, the risk of developing heart disease, heart attacks, or stroke can increase. Hence, to properly manage your health, you must adhere to the directions on your prescription drug schedule.


  • Skipping medication may increase the severity of your symptoms. Many conditions are preventable if you take your medication as prescribed. Sometimes, you may take treatments to prevent specific illness signs before they even appear. For them to work effectively, the medication should be taken appropriately and consistently.



  • You can experience side effects. Some medications might have serious adverse effects if you stop taking them too soon, similar to some medications that can cause side effects while you are taking them.


  • Your medical expenses can go up. Having more medical checkups could necessitate additional treatments and prescription drugs, raising the overall expense of healthcare.

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