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But, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of keeping up with all these insights, don’t worry. The HubSpot Blog will be publishing regular Marketing Strategy research pieces with data from hundreds of marketing professionals in the coming months and will continue to update this post as new trends emerge. Back in 2021, 41% of marketers planned to increase their investments in voice search optimization in the coming year. However, it seems this trend is less of a priority for marketers these days. In fact, 47% of marketing professionals who leverage SEO say their companies use search insights reports in their strategy. On average, marketers leverage four social media platforms in their roles.

  • In fact, more than half of annual online website traffic comes from mobile devices, including tablets.
  • Once this structure starts to break down, the uptrend could be losing steam or reversing into a downtrend.
  • Back in 2021, 41% of marketers planned to increase their investments in voice search optimization in the coming year.
  • Short-form video has taken the marketing world by storm, and we predict it will carry over in 2023.

The move lower was confirmed the next day when the price gapped below the trendline. These signals could have been used to exit long positions as there was evidence that the trend was turning. The uptrend continues aggressively, forming two additional chart patterns along the way. These both offered opportunities to enter a long position or add to an existing one (called pyramiding). For example, a trader may wait for the RSI to drop below 30 and then rise above it. This could signal a long position, assuming the overall uptrend remains intact.

Content Marketing Trends

2023 is set to be an interesting year in marketing as trends shift to accommodate new technology and buyer behavior. These 16 marketing trends will impact your marketing strategy for years to come. Effective loyalty content is often highly personalized and is best used to engage high-priority target audiences, improving retention and growth. By 2023, both B2B and B2C companies will increase their investments in loyalty programs as a percentage of their total marketing budget.

This is why social media marketing is a popular channel that’s become a part of almost every business’s greater marketing strategy. Social media marketing allows you to authentically connect with your audience on a personal level, humanizing your brand. Short-form video has taken the marketing world by storm, and we predict it will carry over in 2023. A staggering 90% of marketers using short-form video will increase or maintain Market Trend their investment next year, and 1 in 5 marketers plan to leverage short-form video for the first time in 2023. Technical analysis tools such as trendlines, price action, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and moving averages (MA) are populars among traders. When traders and investors have faith in the direction of a country’s economy or a company’s business outlook, their optimistic attitude can shape a bullish trend.

Video marketers will keep content short.

Remember, your final decision to trade should be based on your risk tolerance, market expertise, portfolio size and composition. Always conduct your own research before trading, and never trade money you cannot afford to lose. Moving averages are also used to determine support and resistance levels of an asset’s price, and the overall price trend. They are typically driven by the changes in supply versus demand dynamics and market volatility. It then pulls back and starts to rise again, forming the first chart pattern. The price breaks higher out of the chart pattern, signaling a potential long position.

And, while it is great for the consumer, businesses who leverage personal data to run campaigns will need to create alternative strategies and pivot plans incase they lose access to crucial datapoint. Currently, 53% of marketers who leverage SEO have a strategy for optimizing videos and images. Of those marketers, 49% say image and video optimization is their most effective SEO tactic. Explore the top trends in social media for brands to know and optimize your social strategy.

Identifying Market Trends

This makes them incredibly engaging to web visitors and social media audiences alike. On top of that, our research suggested that most consumers read blogs multiple times per week and have purchased something from a brand after reading the company’s blog. “Video creates a deeper connection with your potential customer base and it is easy for brands to repurpose video content into podcasts and text-based content,” Neil Patel CMO and Co-Founder of NP Digital, says. Back in 2021, 35% of marketers were leveraging AR or VR in their strategies, and of those marketers, almost half planned to increase their investment in 2022. By keeping the flywheel at the center of your marketing efforts, you’ll delight and empower your customers.

With all of this in mind, companies have begun to pivot social media strategies to focus more on inclusive initiatives, promotions, and offerings, while highlighting causes or missions they support. Although this might not sell products immediately, showing a sense of social responsibility is still both thoughtful and effective. As marketers, we must ensure that our websites and content are as discoverable as possible — especially on Google — which can provide both long-term and short-term traffic returns. And, while SEO is not new, it’s strategies are becoming even more ingrained within modern day marketing strategies.