Flue Shot Immunity – Is a second dose needed

Flue Shot Immunity – Is a second dose needed

Flu shots, commonly referred to as influenza vaccines are a form of vaccine that aids in protecting against the flu. The influenza virus may cause respiratory illnesses and sometimes can be fatal and cause minor to severe illnesses. The flu vaccinations include a tiny dosage of inactive influenza virus injected into your body and as a result, the immune system is encouraged to produce antibodies from the virus in the future. The initial step in preventing the flu for you and others around you is to be vaccinated since it can greatly lower the likelihood of getting the virus and developing severe symptoms.

Why should you get flu shots?

Flu vaccination is vital for the human body to decrease the chance of having the flu. Flu shots are designed to defeat the viruses that may spread during the flu season. The flu shots lower the possibility of developing flu while they reduce the severity of illness. 

Some specific individuals such as kids, young people, pregnant women, adults, and especially people who possess various health conditions should get vaccinated to prevent the risk of influenza since they are more likely to experience significant complications against the flu.

The flu virus may lessen due to increased vaccination rates which benefits the entire society by preventing the virus from spreading. Having a flu shot can save you money over time since the likelihood of getting sick and paying for medical care is lower. Hence, flu shots are generally affordable.

How long does the vaccine last

According to the general rule the effects of the flu shot might persist for up to six months and is often most effective in the first three months. The influenza vaccine is recommended for everyone every year who is aged 6 months or older to prevent influenza viruses.

It’s important that you receive the influenza vaccine every year as it may change from year to year.

Is a second dose needed?

The flu shot may be more effective with booster doses. The first vaccination prompts the body’s immune system while the second dose aids in the development of antibodies against influenza. If your child is under the age of eight and never received the flu shot is required both flu shots in the first year. 

The need for the second dose for adults depends on their age and their health status. A single dosage of the flu vaccination is enough to protect against the flu virus for the majority of healthy persons. However, in some cases, a second dose of the flu shot is recommended for elderly people with weakened immune systems.

Getting vaccinated is an important step in preventing the spread of the flu, and our team at Pharmedic Pharmacy is here to help make the process as easy and convenient as possible. Our pharmacy supplies the flu shots you require to keep you and your family healthy and safe.

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