The Pharmedic Pharmacy offers all the health and wellness services you need, all in one place. From a one-time travel vaccine to ongoing medication management, our pharmacists are here to help. If you’ve run out of your prescription, we may be able to extend it. We are a renowned pharmacy in Calgary

What do we offer? 

Prescribing Pharmacists 

Sickness often does not come with advance notice! Therefore, you may often do not have time to give advance notice for a doctor’s appointment or wait in long lines at walk-in clinics. Wait no more! Save time and energy by visiting one of Pharmedic Pharmacy in Calgary locations near you. 

Prescription Refills 

At Pharmedic Pharmacy in Calgary refilling your prescriptions are now easier than ever before with multiple options to refill your prescriptions. You can now refill your prescriptions online at our website, Just clicking RingMe on our website under Refill Prescription. 

Flu Shots 

Protect yourselves and your family from influenza and flu by getting your annual Flu Shot at Pharmedic Pharmacy in Calgary. We Offer complimentary flu shot immunization. You can just walk in for your flu shot or Book An Appointment Online, Call Us, E-Mail or Text one of our locations. 

Renew or Transfer Prescription 

Did you recently move and run out of refills for your regular medications and do you want to transfer your prescription* from another pharmacy? Just talk to our pharmacy in Calgary today and we can help you renew and transfer your prescription. Paramedic Pharmacy in Calgary has three convenient locations. 

Travel Consultation & Vaccinations 

Travel plans? Whether you have just planned for a short trip south of the border, Winter break to the Caribbean or a lengthy family getaway to Europe and Asia, get the best advice, immunizations and other travel services in Calgary and Airdrie, Alberta by professionals at Pharmedic Pharmacy in Calgary.

Confidential Medication Review 

Prescriptions, Medications, Labeling, Doses etc can be confusing and even lead to some adverse reactions if misused. At Pharmedic Pharmacy in Calgary we understand that health and medications can be much complicated sometimes. Therefore, we offer confidential medication. 

Therefore if you are looking for the ideal location for all your medical needs, visit us today at one of our locations!